Stretchers and Cervical Collars

By Nick Ames
AFL Physiotherapist

What is the recommended type of stretcher and neck brace clubs should have at their disposal on match day?

The simplest and safest stretcher is the rigid spinal board made from either fibreglass or moulded plastic. These boards are lightweight, robust and durable (not deteriorating like the old canvass stretcher).

With multiple hand holds down both sides of the board they have provision to be carried by 4 to 6 assistants depending on the weight of the player.

Cervical Collars  (neck braces) need to be stiff and adjustable to fit all neck sizes. A popular brace is the Wizloc stiff adjustable collar. It is important that the collar is correctly adjusted to fit the player’s neck before he is moved. Practicing the fitting of a collar by your staff pre season is essential.

Spinal boards and cervical collars are available at most first aid and sports medicine suppliers.

Good luck!

Wizloc stiff adjustable collar
Wizloc stiff adjustable collar



rigid spinal board
rigid spinal board
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